LUX Saber Wall Lamp


* Buy 2+ and automatically receive 20% off each lamp.

A Vibrant Glow

It's the fun additional touch to your room that you've always been craving. No more switching from broad daylight to pitch darkness. With a built-in dimmer and the ability to change colors, the LUX Saber Wall Lamp gives you the ability to create whatever ambiance you desire. The lamp neatly and discreetly fits in the corner of the room when turned off, but when turned on, illuminates your room the personality that it's always been missing. 


300+ Color Combos
30 Day Warranty 

Easy to Assemble

The LUX Saber Wall Lamp comes with instructions that give you step-by-step instructions on how to install the lamp. The entire set-up process is extremely and should only take you 15 minutes to do. Just a few screws in the right places and voila your room is lit up exactly the way you want it. 


+ Height: Single Sided - 60cm, Double-Sided - 100cm 

Input voltage: 100-240V / 20W / 50Hz

Assembly Required – very easy

* Buy 2+ and receive an additional 15% off each lamp.

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